If you're a business owner in Birmingham and you’re looking to improve your business presence online, most likely you’ve heard of search engine optimisation or for short, SEO unless of course, you’ve been living away from civilization for the past decade. The benefits of SEO and the amount of value it can generate for your business have been factually and statistically found to be colossal. In fact, it can actually help your company grow substantially and compete with bigger companies.

85% of all consumers use search engines like Google & Bing to find businesses. In fact, a recent study by Google tells us more than 50% of searches are done right from a mobile, most people use smartphones to search because it’s so convenient which are directly connected to search engines like Google, which means if your Birmingham business website isn’t showing up on the first page of search results, you’re losing business to your competitors.

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It’s also likely that you're looking for an SEO company in Birmingham who can help you out with your SEO companies. You’ll see that there are many options which are available for you to make your final decision. However, which SEO company you end up working with, in Birmingham will come later. Firstly, if you’re new to the concept of SEO, you’ll need to understand the exact benefits SEO will provide for your business online. Below we’ve briefly gone through some of the more important and probably the most common:

  • Search Engine Optimisation will help improve the visibility of your business online.

One of the most crucial concepts which are involved in SEO is keywords and phrases. In search engine optimisation, keywords and phrases if chosen correctly will target a specific set of audiences that are already looking for your product or services; the keywords are not limited to one geo-location, if the keywords have been adequately researched and selected, then they can be used to target different customers and geo-locations.

  • SEO can also be for branding

We already know that SEO, if used correctly, can target the right customers and generate a lot of attention and revenue for your company online. However, not many people know this or at least don’t use it for this reason, but SEO, if correctly done can be used as an additional branding tool. This is because by appearing higher up on the first page for many keywords with high search volume can help your company occupy a greater space in the minds of the target customers.

  • The best ROIs in business 
For your company, you always set various strategies in place to see your business grow over time and anticipate to see a good return on investment as the end result. It’s the same with Search Engine Optimization, it’s deemed to be the best ROIs for business long term.
  • Helping to increase the credibility of the business 
Internet customers generally trust the first few websites that are easily accessible to them as they feel if it’s on the first page, it must be safe and reliable. For this instance, it’s the same for SEO and the connection they share with search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization will help your company build its rankings and list your company's name in the top five on the first page. This will also help expand the credibility of your company immensely.