Simple Technique On How To Double Your Website Traffic

Today I’ll show you how you can not only improve website traffic but double the traffic you get to your website or blog with a very simple strategy I use all the time.

To be completely honest with you it’s not exactly simple if you’ve never done this before but at the same time it’s not really that complicated to double your website or blog traffic and I am here today to walk you through all the steps necessary to achieve that. improve website traffic
Getting traffic is one of the main goals of any online website or blog. We would all love to get as much traffic as possible especially if we can do that without spending any money, today we will be talking exactly about that. We’ll be getting more traffic to your blog or website completely free by using information that you already have access to. We’ll be talking about using keywords and keyword phrases to get more traffic, this article isn’t about keyword research but if you have never done any keyword research and if you don’t know what that is then it’s something you really should start learning because it’s very important when you’re trying to rank your websites and gain more traffic. So today we will be using keywords and keyword phrases And I’ll show you exactly where you can find them.

improve website trafficFirstly you need a Google Search Console account if you don’t have one you should get one right now as it will help you improve website traffic, simply search for Google Search Console and you’ll find that previously it was called Google Webmaster tools but it was rebranded so the Search Console is basically a platform that helps you understand your website performance within The Google Search Engine, the Search Console is a vital tool when it comes to understanding your website better for example when you submit your website to be indexed by Google it’ll show you if there are any issues with your website or wether there’s any broken links and that kind of stuff to help you improve website traffic, so it’s very important to have that account because it will help you to see if your website is healthy and if it is performing perfectly the way it should.

Another very cool thing that you get with Google Search Console is access to search traffic analytics this means that Google is showing you keywords and keyword phrases that people have used within Google search to find your website and to find a very specific page on your website now I think this is really good because it’s happened to me and many many other people and it will happen to you too when you write a specific piece of content you’re targeting very specific keyword phrases and rank well for that keyword but sometimes you will not rank well for it and will forget about it but if you look through search analytics you’ll find a whole bunch of keywords and phrases that people have used to land on your page and very often you will find keyword phrases that you’ve never thought of that are actually being searched by people as those keywords are loosely relevant to your content so Google Search Console is kind of doing that research for you, showing you what people typed in the search and show you how many people have clicked on your results within a Google search result it’ll also show you which pages they landed on and some other information which can be really handy to improve website traffic.

Improve Website Traffic

So you now have all these keywords that people have been using to find your content that you have never thought off but what can you do with this new found information to gain more traffic, I’ll explain.

Once you’ve submitted your website sitemap to Google and it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to be indexed by Google, once all the stats have populated what you need to do is go to the Search Analytics tab where you’ll see the list of keywords and phrases, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page where it should give you an option to download the keywords into nice neat file that we’ll be using later you’ll have to use another tool called Google Keyword Planner, you’ll need a Google Adwords account in order to access the Keyword Planner and it’s completely free if you don’t have a Google Adwords account simply signup.

improve website traffic
Next you go to the Keyword Planner and you upload that list of keywords that you previously downloaded from the Search Console, once you’ve uploaded the file simply let it search and show you the stats and you will be able to see how many searches per month every single keyword is getting so at this point our goal is to sort the result from the most search volume to least search volume and put them in an excel document so now that we have all these amazing people already finding and landing on our website which means that we are already ranking for these keyword phrases and what’s really cool is that in the Search Console you see your average position in the search rankings and you see how many people see your listing and you see how many people click on that listing so let’s say if you examine one of those keywords and you realise that you’re usually ranking in position number nine for this very specific keyword phrase out of the past 10,000 impressions you received 1,000 clicks which gives a click through rate (CTR) of 10% which is really awesome but imagine you moved up in rankings from position number nine to position number two or even position number one I can assure you that your CTR will be much higher than 10% and you might get 2,000, 3,000 or 5’000 clicks instead of 1,000 clicks if you get a better ranking.

improve website traffic
Now that you have this sorted list of keywords you need to go back to the article that’s ranking for the keyword and you need to improve website traffic, so there are two different ways you can do this you can either improve the current ranking article by making it more in depth and very detailed using the keywords you found in the Search Console, remember to make it look appealing and well structured on the other hand you can write a new article it’s completely up to as both strategies are good but you need to find what’s better for you and honestly if you’ve just written a piece of content about a specific subject and its ranking well you don’t want to write a new article with the same subject within such short time frame and compete with your own content, this isn’t very good because it’ll look like you are pushing out the same content so I would suggest that you improve your current article as that will give you the quickest and best results.

So to conclude you discover the keywords people are already using to land on your website using Google Search Console then you feed these keywords through Google Keyword Planner to see which of the keywords have the highest potential the highest searches and then you take the keywords and update your piece of content by using the keywords and by concentrating on them and this simple strategy will help improve website traffic and sometimes not only double but triple and quadruple your website traffic to this very specific page because you’re most likely get a better ranking in the search engine by improving the article.

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