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freelance ppc consultant

Are You Satisfied?

Are you satisfied with your Google Adwords Campaign? Maybe you're struggling to see the results and return on investment, or you just need a freelance PPC consultant on hand to set up a productive Google Pay Per Click campaign that actually produces real results?

You’ve landed on the right website. I’m a Google Certified Adwords Expert and freelance PPC consultant with over 7 years of PPC and digital marketing experience, I advise and manage PPC campaigns for businesses from my home city of Birmingham and throughout the UK in cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and with clients from many different parts of the world. I work with a wide variety of businesses including online retailers, corporate clients, local handyman businesses, e-commerce stores and much, much more.

In-Depth PPC Analysis

As a Google Certified Adwords Expert, my first port of call is to establish a full understanding of your business and the customers or clients you serve. Just knowledge of your business isn't enough, so I execute a full keyword research to distinguish short and long tail words and phrases that carry a high purchase or conversion intent. I then create highly targeted and persuasive ads to reach your potential customers. My goal is to create a campaign that not only delivers ongoing consistent results but also produces a high ROI (return on investment).

freelance ppc consultant

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Soon your campaign will bring in a whole heap of targeted visitors from your ads, this is where most companies stop but not me, I make sure I'm constantly optimising the conversion rate through methods such as web page design, content quality, layout and a/b testing. I’ll also help maintain a correct and healthy budget to ensure you hit your targets. Many of my clients have saved money just by ensuring they are targeting the right audience, at the right time and presenting them with the right landing page that actually converts clicks to customers. It really does cost you money NOT having an Experienced Google Adwords Consultant on board your campaign.


I work with everyone from one-man-bands to big brands, on campaigns with budgets that range from £50 to over £20,000 per month.There's one thing I'm really good at and that's securing results, ultimately, numbers talk. Here’s a list of my services.

  • PPC Account Setup
  • Full PPC Audit
  • In-depth targeted Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • AdWords Campaign Optimisation
  • Account Re-Structuring
  • Conversation Rate Optimisation
  • Setup Ad Extensions – Call, Sitelink, Location extensions
  • Highly Persuasive Ads with unique selling points
  • Negative keyword research and selection
  • Competitor Analysis and much more

Next Steps...

Let’s discuss what PPC can do for your business. Call/email me or use the contact form below and I’ll get back in touch. I'm based in Birmingham and travel up and down the country so whether it's at your offices or mine, lets make this happen. Here's my direct number 07594 580 715, and email: