Dental SEO - First Page Google Results For My Clients

Are you a dentist with a website struggling to appear on page one of Google?

Marketing is crucial for any business to attract new customers and grow, it’s even more crucial when you’re a local business like a Dentist with a Dental Practice. You don’t want to be appearing on the second page and beyond on Google losing all those calls and enquiries like “find a Dentist” or “Dentists near me” to your competitors, you want to maximise the amount of traffic you can get for your industry keywords and phrases like “Dental Practice” by appearing on the top half of the first page.

dental seoNow I know you’re thinking how on earth will I ever compete with so many Dentists and bigger Dental Practices in my area or city, it can be tough when everyone is trying to attract new customers and clients especially when Google's first page is only limited to 10 organic listings. This is where we are way beyond our competitors when it comes to SEO for Dentists as we use a very clever strategy once you’re appearing on the first page and receiving traffic we maximise each visitor by targeting them on their social platforms once they have left your website, this might sound too technical but it really isn’t as I’m sure you’ve browsed websites or products before without purchasing and all you have seen around the web was ads related to the product or website you visited, that’s all we do to make sure the customer returns to complete their goal on your website. We know the true value every single customer brings to our clients and that’s why we go above and beyond for our clients.

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I don’t tie-in my clients with SEO contracts or ask for useless setup fees. I work based on what my Dental clients want to realistically achieve, we set goals and work very hard to smash those goals every single month to make sure our clients get the best return on investment they deserve.

How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Works:

On-Page SEO

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Just like buildings need a good foundation, your website needs to be coded correctly from the ground up using the latest techniques and incorporate the relevant content containing your keywords and phrases that you are targeting. You'll need to ensure that your keywords are included in the H1 heading of the page and  the meta tags, this ensures that the website will be indexed correctly by Google.

Off-Page SEO

I use a strategy that helps attract backlinks to your website from similar websites in your industry, for example, a page on your website about braces can attract a link from a popular authrotive health blog using my proven link building strategy. Backlinks is still one of the key factors search engines like Google use to rank a site. A Dental website with relevant backlinks will usually rank higher in Google than a similar website with fewer backlinks taking into account if you have your on page SEO optimised.

Google is always rolling out new updates and changing their search algorithm I take this into account and are always update and make sure that I’m using the latest Google Friendly techniques to rank a website.

Become an Authority

As you grow your backlink profile Google will start to see your website as an authority, therefore, increasing its rank in the search results, not only that but as your authority grows it also allows us to rank new keywords and phrases much quicker giving you the opportunity to compete in different areas.

If you’re a Dentist and you’ve had enough of false promises from SEO Agencies and other SEO Consultants and you’re now ready to take on a real Dental SEO Expert that really understands your business and your goals you should get in touch by using the form below or call me directly on +44 (0)7594580715.